Our Services

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting service is best suited for small to medium websites. They run on cPanel with the ultimate technologies in speed and reliability.

Virtual Servers

This are virtual private servers, also known as VPS. Well suited for medium – large organizations that require a lot of flexibility and control.

Dedicated Servers

You need more power? More Flexibility? More Control? Our dedicated servers are the best solution for you.


We help provide colocation services in Mexico for your own hardware that you will manage and administer. This is the highest level of control you can have.

Cloud Servers

Pay per hour or per month. Scale up or back. The same benefits of an AWS Instance with less hassle, more support and cheaper prices.

Advanced Services

You need a custom website to be made for you, advertisement, ASN registrations, IP Blocks or you just want to digitalize your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, SPEI Transfer (Mexico), Paypal and Stripe.

Can i get a refund?

Yes you can. We offer refunds for all of our services. We do not cover any refund fees on bitcoin payments. Please note, that we might reserve the right to charge a $1.5USD fee due to IPv4 provisioning.If you are buying your server on a promotion, no refunds can be issued. A promotion is when a user utilizes a cupon code on our order form. Please note, we reserve the right to make a refund if we have had to cover any expenses. Examples are, but they are not limited to, SSL's, Domains and dedicated servers.Please check our full refund policy at:http://hosterlabs.net/refund-policy/

Do you include a windows server license?

Unfortunatley we do not. The servers we offer are all BYL or bring your own license.

What is your support language?

Our staff is certified to answer in Spanish, English, German and basic French. Else, we can communicate using tools like google translate in the language of your choice.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We try not to store sensitive information on our servers such as login credentials. We encrypt and use several security layers on our admin platforms to prevent any data loss.We also have a strict privacy policy which you can check here:http://hosterlabs.net/privacy-policy/

Do you have affiliates?

We do have an affiliate system. For you to activate it simply login and go to the link: https://hosterlabs.net/panel/affiliates.phpThere you will be able to setup your account.

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