Who are we?

 There are a thousand answers of who we are. But overall we are a team. A team of young entrepreneurs looking to improve quality in web services. Our sole goal is to fix and improve your services. We want to give the tools to people that do not have them to create their own website. We want to give access to people that maybe do not have the technical expertise. We will help you regardless of your technical expertise. We stand behind all your projects day and night. We check wether they are running properly, we work with you as a team.  

Sustainability Commitments

Our world is plagued by inequalities, social problems, environmental issues and economical challenges. We understand our hands are not tied. The possibility to do change is in the hands of each and every individual. That is why we want to make sure that you know with whom you partner. We care. Not only about customer satisfaction but rather about all the political, social, economical and environmental issues all around the world. We will do as much as we can to help mainly by donating to charities, but also by making responsible decisions. 

Our Actions, not words.

Environmental Commitments

Sustainability Commitment

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100% Renewable Energy Sources

Our datacenter in Canada is fully powered by hydroelectric power cutting down on carbon emissions.

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98% Water Cooled rooms

To reduce even further our carbon footprint we have water-cooled rooms that reduce energy consumption.

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Incredible Efficiencies

Our datacenter are from the most efficient in the world with a PUI of 1.09! We keep working with our partners to continue innovating and reducing our energy footprint.

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Commitment with the environment

We are committed with the environment. We will donate part of our profits to several organizations to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Not all our services are 100% environmentally friendly. We are working hard to make each and every single one of our products and services environmentally friendly in the future. We believe we can make a change, together.

Charitable Program

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We are aiming to donate 5% of our profit to #teamtrees to plant trees all around the world.

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We are aiming to donate 5% of our profit to ShareTheMeal.org and help people combat hunger worldwide.

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Ashoka.org Foundation

We care about the environment in which we operate. That is why we will donate 10% of our profits to Ashoka.org, which helps neglected communities in Mexico to get access to education and internships.

In total, we will be donating 20% of all our profits to this charitable foundations.

We believe in change. When you partner with us, you are making the right choice. Our culture of appreciation to local culture, respect for the environment and others is something not many companies have. 

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.

Helping people by charity is the most humane thing we can do.

No greater tragedy exists in Morden civilization than the aged, worn-out worker who after a life of ceaseless effort and useful productivity must look forward for his declining years to a poorhouse. a modern social consciousness demands a more humane and efficient arrangement.

If you're white and you're wrong, then you're wrong; if your'e black and you're wrong, you're wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green - God makes no rules about color; only society makes rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now.

We are working to make this world fairer for everyone. Do not have a doubt.

Goals - Short term sustainability goals.

– Donating a total of 20% of our profits to charitable foundations around the globe.

– No outsourcing of support service. Using local talent.

– 100% renewable energy datacenters.

– Education of customers and general public. Teaching the importance of actions that are vital for our planet and society.

Last updated 7 June 2020.


A company that always thinks about profit, money and exploration can never achieve sustainability. Without sustainability, it won’t be able to really achieve anything in this world.