Colocation in Canada made Simple


With the features we provide, you will need not worry anymore about your infrastructure. A datacenter that has your back and helps you regardless of the size of your business. 1U or 10 racks, we can help you out in anything. Do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Stress Free

You will not longer have to worry about outages. We will provide you with amazing uptime warranties 99.99%+, we will help you and manage the server deliveries. We have multiple redundant connections to the internet, A+B power and more!

2. Low Latency

Montreal is one of the best placed locations for a datacenter. You will not just be able to serve the most populated areas in North America with very low latency, but you will have access to markets in Europe because of it’s strategic location. With pings to Europe around 80ms and direct links to Toronto, Chicago and New York.

3. Security, security and security

We want your data to be as secure as possible. We do not want anyone interfering with or tampering or even seeing your server at all. Our secure locations with several measures will keep all your data and servers secure.  No one will even have a chance to look at your server (without permission that is)

1 U Space

5 U Space

10+ U Space