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How to create a website?

Creating a website is vital for your business to excel. It helps you promote your products and advertise with different platforms like google ads, Facebook or twitter. This helps you to show your product to more customers. But the question is how do you do it? How do you create a website without paying thousands of dollars for web designers, web hosting and all the services needed to keep a website running. In this guide I will help you step by step to create your own website. 

What do you need?

Well to create a website you will need the following:

  • A domain
  • A web hosting provider
  • WordPress (or any software that can make it easier like a website builder)


The domain is the face of your website. Is the name and the brand. You will need to create a domain that catches the attention of your visitors and is not too long. (It is recommended to be under 15 characters). But most of the times your domain is already chosen. Many .com domains already exist. So let’s say the domain you want is already chosen. There are around 356 million .com domains registered! What do you do now?  Well you have the following two options :

  • Buy the premium domain
    • Sometimes companies buy a big number of .com domains to resell later on at a higher price. This prices though are excessive. They are of around 2,000 USD to buy your domain. You can try negotiating with the seller, wait until they lose interest in that domain or simply buy it.
  • Look for another domain
    • Most of the times you don’t need the .com domain. You can go local like .mx or .us domains that are chosen specifically for your region. So if you have a store in México most of the time it is better to buy a or .mx domain because the domain itself already says from where you are. You can look at the table below that shows domains and countries associated. This .mx or .us or .com is called a TLD or a top level domain. You are not limited to local domains but also specialty domains like .website or .online .doctor and many more that can be specific to your niche. 
Most popular local domain extensionsTLD
Domain extension for Russia. Currently occupies 5.2% of all domain
Domain extension for Germany. Currently occupies 2.7% of all domain
Domain extension for Brazil. Currently occupies 1.9% of all domain
Domain extension for the United Kingdom. Currently occupies 1.8% of all domain
Domain extension for India. Currently occupies 1.5% of all domain
Domain extension for Australia. Currently occupies 1.3% of all domain
Domain extension for Japan. Currently occupies 1.3% of all domain
Information from

You have to make sure your domain is the right one. But also make sure it won’t be stolen. This can be easily done by enabling auto-renew options which I recommend. Sometimes companies buy those domains and sell them for a premium. So instead of paying 12 USD you will be paying around 2,000 USD for your domain. Be careful not to lose your domain.

Where should you register your domain?

You can register your domain with us. We have affordable prices of .com domains. View domain pricing

If you wish to register your domain with another provider it is also acceptable. Just make sure to protect your privacy and that you are able to register your dns or point them to your hosting provider. Your hosting provider will give you something called name servers. This help direct your website to the correct IP so you have working email settings, administration and more. After buying your domain, change your name servers. Some providers let you change the name servers directly when you register your domain.

How to setup domain name servers?

Your web-hosting provider will give you the name servers in their welcome email.


After having purchased your domain go to the domain settings.

How to change nameservers

Click on your domain and you should see something like this


Click on nameservers


In there you will be able to add the name servers provided by your web hosting provider. After you finish, make sure to click on change name servers or save.

It can take minutes or hours to change the name servers. Make sure to wait 24 hours for this process to be finalized.

To see how to do it depending on your registrar please visit their website for more information as this process varies depending on the registrar.


And many other registers. For a complete guide of all registrars you can look here.

How to chose a web hosting provider for your website?

Finding a web hosting provider can be a challenging task. What are you looking for, what are your parameters? There are many different all over the place that have all kinds of offers. But to know which one is the right fight you need to ask yourself what you are looking for?

Here is a list of my personal recommendations that all hosts should have

  • Reliability. Check their uptime and support service.
  • FREE SSL certificates ( Let’s Encrypt SSL or PositiveSSL by cPanel)
  • Control Panel ( I personally look for cPanel)
  • Automatic installs ( Softaculous or Installatron are good automatic install softwares)

Now specifically for your niche or needs there are several types of hosting you should look for.

  • Many visits a month ( Let’s say 10,000+)
    • You need to have SSD or NVMe drives that provide with fast read and write speeds.
    • Check their CPU and RAM limitations. Some companies limit them per account to 1 cpu and 1 gb or ram. Your website will not work or load very slowly if you have HDD drives.
    • Litespeed or cloudlinux softwares that help you cache your website so the visitors have a quicker loading-time.
  • A lot of files
    • If you have a lot of files having an SSD will be incredibly expensive. I suggest you look for high storage HDD drives in RAID configuration. Raid configurations help your website load faster because your data is in more than one disk at a time. This also adds reliability. If one hard drive fails, you will not lose all your information.
  • Flexibility
    • If you need flexibility and you want to decide what you want to do with your website you should not settle for webhosting. Look for VPS hosting or dedicated servers. Shared hosting always have a lot of limitations with what you can and can’t do.

Now what?

Now that you have ordered shared hosting and a domain, you are ready to start creating your website. You will be sent a link to cPanel on your mail and it will look like this or You will see a screen like the one below

Login to your website admin panel.

Enter your login credentials provided by your web hosting company. From here you can decide what you want to do? Create your website via a website builder or WordPress and similar content managers? The easiest is to use WordPress and there are not many benefits over using a website builder. It just gives you more flexibility and is better for the short term. But if you want to create content every day you shoulda go for WordPress. If you want to learn more about how to use website builder look here.

Now for WordPress, the installation is straight forward. After logging in look for “softaculous” or “installatron”.


Click on softaculous apps installer. You will see something like this:


Click on WordPress and install. You will se this screen.


You should always chose the latest version.

Then, in installation URL is going to be where your website will appear on your page. If you want it to be what you see when you open your page, then leave it blank. Otherwise put any directory you want like blog or page , etc… We recommend you use the https protocol for added security.

Afterwards just fill in your user, password and admin credentials. Very easy so far.



Chose the language for your website and also, we suggest you enable security features like Loginizer to limit the login attempts. And if you wish to host multiple websites, you should enable wpCentral too.

After that just click the theme of your preference and install.


Be sure to send the email installation to an email in case you forget your login credentials or any details that can help you further on.

And that is it! You have created your own website! Enjoy and start editing. For more information on how to use WordPress please click here.