• Monday, December 7, 2020

Hello guys,


I hope you are doing good. Today I come to invite you to help us donate toys to some communities here in Mexico (Puebla) . We will be donating to approximately 200 kids in a neglected community.


Unfortunately we do not have the resources to make a real impact on this community alone. We do not have the budget but even if no one decides to help we will still donate as much as we can. We would hate to see kids left without toys / presents for christmas.


The donation date will be the 19 of December. All funds that you decide to donate ( if you decide to donate) will be completely transparent. We will show invoices, places and the kids. We will also show your logo and requests you might have with this.


We want to help the communities around here. But alone, we can not do much. We have so far us (hosterlabs) and an independent business man here in Mexico ready to donate.


We plan to donate at first:

- Color Books

- Balls to play


If we have additional budget:

- School supplies ( colors, notebooks)

- Some Food and water (Bear in mind that these guys live with minimum or less than minimum salaries !)

- If you decide to donate, we can also put a letter on what you contributed to donate.


We can accept donations via Bitcoin, Paypal and bank transfer in Mexico.


You can also send the supplies directly if you do not trust us with the money.


If you are interested, I would be more than happy to work with other hosts and individuals. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will see how we can work together.


Let us know if you have any interest at all :) We want to make a real difference, but we are a small host. There is only so much we can do alone and with our staff members.


Best Regards,

Jacobo Choy