Dear costumer, first of everything, hope you are having a nice holiday vacations and you have wellness. 
This announcement is to tell that the support will be slower due to the next causes;

We are a few support technicians, we are in holidays season and many are on vacations and we are in a campaign of toys as you know through the last announce. We have our hands busy.

However we will keep doing the best we can to bring you the best service we can, and we are compromised in using our free times in vacations to support you, but we will be glad if you use the guides in; where everything is documented to go trough your doubts and problems. 

If it is really necessary and you did not find the answer there we will give you the support trough a ticket but please have in mind that we are spending time with our familias in this holiday season. 

We will do our best to give you the support you require.


We wish you a merry Christmas !


Hosterlabs team 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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