Our Virtual Private Servers

Our Virtual Servers are running on one of the highest end software available on the market. One of the most redundant, energy efficient and renewable datacenters. Now, why should you care about this? Because your applications need to run on hardware in which you can trust. You need not to worry about downtime, slow performance, noisy neighbors. While you can focus exclusively on running your company, application or software we focus on giving you the stable base you need to run them. Our servers will just perform! We offer our services in several locations around the globe. Mainly Canada, Germany and Mexico. So if you need a server with low latency on any of our supported location, give us a call!

Our Offerings

Canadian Offerings

Located in the north of America, in Quebec, Montreal. This location is strategically located to be able to bring an incredible latency to Europe, The United States and even Mexico.

We are able to offer Anti-DDoS protection, cheap IPv4’s and a promise that our services are 100% renewable and sustainable.

With 100% NVMe Storage, DDR4 EEC 2333Mhz RAM and 1Gbps unmetered connectivity.

German Offerings

Located in the Heart of Europe in Falkestein which location allows it to be run on 100% hydroelectrical energy. This servers will have one of the best latencies in Europe to all neighboring countries.

We also offer Anti-DDoS protection, cheaply priced IPv4 and a promise of 100% sustainable energy.

This servers also run on 100% NVMe Storage, DDR4 2333Mhz ram and 1Gbps unmetered connectivity.

Mexican Offerings

Located in Guadalajara, Jalisco these servers allow you to reach your north american customers as well as some of your south american ones.

With excellent datacenters that allow for stable extremely reliable connectivity to all of Mexico. Connected on 100Mbps networks that will allow you  to make your projects with a low latency to all of the region.

They run on SSD or HDD Storage at DDR3 1333Mhz ram and 100Mbps metered connectivity. Although not run with renewables, we promise you we will be carbon neutral.