What can I host on your virtual servers?

Anything you wish except illegal activities such as but not limited to DDoS, SPAM, Child Pornography, etc...


We will terminate your account effective immediately if we detect any activity that is serious. We have ZERO tolerance towards child pornography, drug sale and weapons sale. We will without a doubt report it to the authorities in case we find it or is reported to us. 

In case of SPAM alerts or automatic DDoS alerts, we will notify you to cease such activities and limit your bandwidth rate to 10Mbps. If these activities are not ceased, we will limit it to 256Kbps as well as blocking some ports.

We do not police our servers neither do we invade our customers privacy. We do not have access to any of your virtual machines neither do we constantly check port usage, IP usage, your websites, etc... We believe it is your right to have privacy and do as you wish on your servers. Nevertheless, we do have automatic filters that may flag illegal activity. In case that happens, we are a bit flexible, as we might allow you to recover data prior to cancelation of your service. Except on serious violations, at which we will report it to the corresponding authorities and terminate your account without refund.

We also do not ignore DMCA notices, at which point we will contact you to remove copyright infringent content.

Our servers are for legitimate use. Please do not abuse our service.


Abuse leads to network blockings. If you send SPAM, port 25 gets blocked permanently for your machine. If you do phishing, you get suspended without notice. But you can get unblocked with a ticket and upon removal of phishing content. If you send DDoS attacks wether unwillingly or willingly, your IP gets automatically blocked until you open a ticket.

Also, you might use 50% of your connection to the internet at all times without any limitation. I.e. if you have a 200Mbps server, you might constantly have it running at 100Mbps. But if you cross the limit AND CAUSE INSTABILITY on the server, we might be forced to reduce your speed no more than 70% of the original speed.


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