Our Entry into the Mexican VPS Market

Dear Customers, Providing services in a country such as Mexico has proven one of the most difficult tasks we have gone through. We have contacted a lot of providers and colocation offers. None have satisfied our demand and none offer what we exactly need. IP's are prohibitely expensive and as such we have gone ahead and developed a custom ...

Crypto Maddness!

Hello dear Customers,


We are informing you that within the following 72 hours we will be implementing not just only BTC and BCH as a payment method but rather a variety of curriencies.


We will inform you more when it is implemented. Stay tunned!

Instagram and Facebook page.

Instagram and Facebook page. Hello costumers; As we announced some weeks ago, we started a toy donation camping and we are realizing it today. We are publishing the captures of it in our new Instagram account; https://instagram.com/hosterlabs Also we will put some photos tonight in our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/HosterIabs/ If you ...

Limited support in holidays.

Dear costumer, first of everything, hope you are having a nice holiday vacations and you have wellness. This announcement is to tell that the support will be slower due to the next causes; We are a few support technicians, we are in holidays season and many are on vacations and we are in a campaign of toys as you know through the last announce. ...